Open source

Android Clean Architecture

It simply loads Popular Movies list from TMDB-API and stores it in persistence storage (i.e. Room Database). Movies list will be always loaded from local database. Remote data (from API) and Local data is always synchronized. It has feature of bookmark movie which will be stored locally.

  • Modular approch followed
  • It is heavily implemented by following standard clean architecture principle.
  • Offline capability.
  • It has cache expiration feature [5 minutes].
  • Unit testing written for all layers.
  • Multi Module Code Coverage reports using Jacoco.
  • static code analyses added by using detekt, ktlint.
  • Android CI github action integration.
  • S.O.L.I.D priciple followed for more understandable, flexible and maintainable.

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HappyTimer- An Android Timer UI Library

This is an android library which helps you to implement count up and down timer in your android app. This is 100% written in Kotlin. This timer gives start, stop, resume, pause action for timer. It also has UI components to easily integrate timer in android apps.

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Android Project Github Template

A template for creating new repositories for the new Android Project."

What is diffrent here from creating a new project from Android Studio?

This repository is meant to serve as a general template for how to set up new repository for Android. In general, setting up a new repository takes 30-60 minutes; use this repository as a way of setting up in 5 minutes, and use the following checklist to ensure that you've set up the repository correctly. It has additional modules and files to save your time.


  • BuildSrc module (for handling dependecies at one place).
  • Core module (includes Kotlin Extensions, Base classess etc.).
  • Static tool analysis with Report generation (Ktlint, KtlintAutoFormat Detekt, Custom Detekt Lint Rules).
  • Android CI (using Github's Action workflow)
  • .gitignore for Android Studio Projects.
  • and many more to come....

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